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“I’ve just discovered a wonderful new sign language series by Dawn Babb Prochovnic that features basic signs woven into engaging stories that are both entertaining and educational. The books feature  themes appropriate to a young child’s developmental level . . . and the illustrations are absolutely adorable! I can’t wait to share the books with my Child Development Class--and my grandchildren!”

~Penny Warner, M.A. Special Education, Deafness


“Children who are interested in learning sign language will find the Story Time with Signs & Rhymes series an intriguing place to start.  Rather than just offering the letters and some examples of American Sign Language (although that is included), the main selling point here is how the story becomes a vehicle for the signs.  . . . The book begins with the alphabet handshapes, followed by the story, which has one featured word in boldface; that’s the word that is demonstrated on the opposite page. . . . [A]n appended two-page spread gives more detailed instructions on how to make the word, as well as the reasoning behind the sign.  The pleasing, thickly colored artwork is well above that found in many series books, and even without the sign-language hook, kids will enjoy the repetition and rhyme of the tale. “Fun Facts” and “Signing Activities” neatly close this well-thought-out book.” ~Ilene Cooper, Booklist, October, 2009 

“The text is lively, and Bauer’s colorful illustrations crackle with cartoony energy. . . . The signs themselves are well chosen for the target audience, and the structure of the stories provides a great way to introduce and reinforce basic ASL vocabulary for hearing children.”

~School Library Journal, January 2010

“‘Fill it up, fill it up, fill it up with me,’ is one [phrase] listeners will eagerly repeat.  They will also quickly learn the American Sign Language signs--one per double page spread--that are drawn as a simple illustration. . . . Brightly colored illustrations closely match the text that is crisp and catchy.”

~Nancy Attebury, Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database

“All eight titles in the Story Time with Signs & Rhymes series by author Dawn Babb Prochovnic and illustrator Stephanie Bauer are fun and educational with inviting illustrations. The illustrations are in bright, comforting colors that make the objects pop out so children can easily identify what is going on in each scene--important for comprehension. . . . [The books] include rhymes and repetition that foster vocabulary development and phonological awareness, provide multiple opportunities to practice featured ASL signs, and, most importantly, make these stories fun for young children.”

~Katie Anderson, Library Youth Services Consultant

“Bring a new, dynamic finger-play experience to your story time!  Story Time with Signs & Rhymes offers a variety of rhythmic, playful stories for read-aloud fun. American Sign Language (ASL) signs are incorporated into the book design, inviting children to sign along with the story. The result is a literacy-based, finger-play experience sure to engage students and teach signing!”

~Magic Wagon, a division of ABDO Publishing Group

Illustrated by:

Stephanie Bauer

Content Consultant:

William Vicars, Ph.D.

Published by:

Magic Wagon/

Abdo Publishing Group

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The Big Blue Bowl

by Oregon Book Awards finalist Dawn Babb Prochovnic

Gather around the big blue bowl and help your friends cook up a jolly meal!  This rhythmic tale invites readers to chant along and learn American Sign Language (ASL) signs for corn, peas, beans, and more! Click Here to order signed copies directly from the author.

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